We can’t remember which show it was (no wait, we do — it was “The View”), but didn’t Robert “Beto” O’Rourke already get a do-over on the launch of his campaign (kind of like Hillary, now that we think of it). For a guy who lost to Ted Cruz, O’Rourke certainly has received plenty of attention from Hollywood and even got his own Vanity Fair cover story (“He has an aura …”) with accompanying photos of his sad dog by Annie Leibovitz.

So O’Rourke, who once held a solid third place in the polls, behind only Biden and Sanders, has already re-introduced himself to America on “The View,” but his campaign manager says his strategy in Tuesday night’s debate on CNN will be to re-re-introduce himself.

So his poll numbers have slipped from a solid third place to a straight-up 0.0 percent in New Hampshire because people who did know about him have forgotten who he is? Or maybe he sucked in the first debate and keeps pushing further and further left, promising to tear down the existing border wall and telling anyone who’ll listen he had slave-owning ancestors and that the country was founded on white supremacy.

Seems to us his strategy in the second debate would be to win the second debate, not introduce himself.