It was just Saturday when Obama bro and former speechwriter Jon Favreau took to Twitter to ask when all of the Republican patriots were going to criticize President Trump for calling Baltimore a “disgusting, rat-infested mess” earlier in the day — something he was inspired to do by watching a Fox News segment showing scenes from that disgusting, rat-infested mess.

Twitchy has since found that others have made similar racist attacks on Baltimore, including former Mayor Catherine Pugh, PBS, CBS News, and The Baltimore Sun, which libeled the city by reporting on its “perpetual trash problem” and mapping the city’s “rat hot-spots.”

But we wonder if Favreau remembers his old boss’s savage, racist attack on the good city of Baltimore, which is almost as bad as Bernie Sanders comparing it to a third-world country.

Guess Obama was careful not to lay the blame at anyone’s feet … wonder which party was running the city at the time?

Former Mayor Catherine Pugh just resigned over a business scandal involving a few hundred thousand dollars just a little bit ago … maybe ask her where the money went to clean up the city? Guess she was a little too preoccupied with her on-the-side self-publishing business to do her job.

What was CNN’s assessment of Obama’s “rant,” we wonder?