As Twitchy reported, San Francisco in June decided to stick it to those trying to wean themselves off cigarettes by outlawing the sale of Juuls and other e-cigarettes, an authoritarian power-play Seattle’s mayor called “a bold move.”  And don’t forget these wise words from totally tubular Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty:

Man, if that didn’t put teens off of vaping, we don’t know what would … except perhaps for Bonnie Erbe’s “To the Contrary,” the only woman-owned news analysis show on TV, according to its Twitter bio.

Also in the bio? “Honesty heard nowhere else.”

We’ll confess we didn’t watch the full video, but the 20-second excerpt suggests it’s only more toxic if you smoke the entire Juul pod at once — and even then we’re not convinced.

They have to earn those paychecks somehow.

Hey Twitter, aren’t you supposed to be running stories like this past Snopes first to make sure they check out?

It’s true.