Nate Silver, the statistician who got 2016 just as wrong as everybody else, now has his eyes on 2020, and what he’s seeing in Kamala Harris reminds him a lot of Mitt Romney in 2008 and 2016. Of course, there are obvious differences; Romney still has an (R) after his name, meaning he can’t count on debate moderators like Candy Crowley to jump in and defend the Democratic candidate even when he’s straight-up lying. Harris, meanwhile, can flip-flop all she wants during her campaign and call it “having a conversation.”

Maybe voters would have had a better idea of what Romney stood for if journalists didn’t barrage him with questions about his “magic underwear” and his wife’s dancing horse and his binders full of women and Big Bird and bayonets. Harris, though, is climbing in the polls and has a sympathetic national media behind her. Whether they give her the shiv and settle on giving us Joe Biden after all is yet to be seen, but yes, there are some similarities.

She stood for denying medical attention to survivors of botched abortions … that’s one thing.