OK, we get it. We’ve known for a long time, and certainly since Charlottesville and the ensuing “very fine people” hoax, that one of the attacks on President Trump during the 2020 election would be that he’s a white supremacist. No surprise there. And his simply being in office is emboldening white supremacists — like the Cuban Democrat who “verbally assaulted” a black state representative who had too many items in the express lane.

We are quite surprised, though, that it’s only July 2019 and CNN seems to have decided its strategy to elect the Democratic nominee in 2020 — and that strategy is to go all-in on the “Trump’s a racist” argument. That’s it, folks; book it now.

After Trump told “the squad” to go back to where they came from and fix those places before returning, CNN spent a good week reporting on the president’s “racist” tweets, complete with chyrons like this one: “Trump insists his racist tweets weren’t racist.”

And Jake Tapper, who hosted an actual white supremacist on his show to discuss those tweets, declared after those “Send her back” chants Trump later disavowed that Trump’s 2020 campaign was going to hinge on “just naked racism”:

CNN shows no signs of slowing down; hall monitor Brian Stelter did a segment on Trump “stoking racism for decades,” and now Tapper is back with a segment on how Trump’s “attack” on Baltimore is a continuation of his campaign of division. Yes, CNN’s worried about divisiveness.

“Trump stokes racial divide by ramping up attacks on Rep. Cummings and Baltimore” — he told the man who represents Baltimore to get a handle on the rat-infestation problem there before criticizing the conditions at the border. But racism!

Is CNN going to follow Benny Johnson’s example and go door-to-door in Baltimore and speak with the residents in Cummings’ district, or just report on Al Sharpton’s visit and CNN’s hot take that Trump was actually calling Baltimore infested with people of color?

Is there anything CNN could do to, you know, actually help the citizens of Baltimore who are dealing with rotting garbage and giant rats? Or is that too far out of the New York/D.C. bubble to care?