Our favorite tweets on this strange day when Twitter is fighting over Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district are those (sarcastically) saying they’re canceling their Carribean vacations and rebooking for two weeks in West Baltimore, after there’s been such an outpouring of love and respect for the city now that President Trump has called it infested with rodents and rats. It’s actually the greatest vacation destination on earth.

Add Speaker Nancy Pelosi to those who are calling Trump’s tweets calling out Cummings’ over the state of his district “racist,” but we really think she went overboard here, especially with the hashtag.

Maybe Baltimore, where Cummings is a beloved leader, could get a little bit more of that economic justice, because from the videos we’ve seen, the money (and the sanitation crews) aren’t exactly being spread around.

And it’s not as though Pelosi has a lot of room to talk, seeing as her district includes the city with a literal poop map.

Oh great … look who else is chiming in as a character witness for Cummings — Marilyn Mosby, who presided over the Freddie Gray riots and did a glamor spread for Vanity Fair as the city burned: