OK, hold up. Twitchy told you earlier to prepare for the imminent meltdown of journalists upon seeing that Forever 21 was — emphasis on “was” — selling a line of clothing imprinted with the words “Fake News.” Among those reporters immediately complaining was The Baltimore Sun’s Pamela Wood, who said the clothes were “not funny, cute or fashionable” — note that she didn’t say they were inaccurate.

To be honest, we think they are kind of funny — almost as funny as the outrage over the gift shop at the Newseum selling “Fake News” T-shirts.

The whole thing reminded us of a similar meltdown when someone spotted Bloomingdale’s selling a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, “Fake News,” and it turns out Wood was outraged then as well, saying the controversy over the T-shirt was “about damage done to our democracy.”

If you ask us, the bigger danger to our democracy is so-called journalists freaking out over other citizens’ exercise of free expression.

Here’s Wood back in February:

What if a child walked into the store and saw that shirt? How is Jim Acosta supposed to explain it to his kids?

The way things are going at the nation’s newspapers, we’d say she’s lucky to have a job.

It’s kind of crazy how popular these “Fake News” T-shirts are … wonder why?

Like when Twitter decided to ban people for “targetted harassment” just for tweeting a certain three-word phrase after a group of journalists was laid off?

Well, thank you very much, but you didn’t have to remind us we have a First Amendment.