As Twitchy reported, the Democrats on stage on the second night of debates gave President Trump some incredible footage for his campaign ads: when asked if they supported “free” health care for illegal immigrants, every Democratic candidate’s hand went up.

Of course, American citizens will also be receiving “free” health care through Medicare for All or some such nonsense. Add that to the fact that front-runner Joe Biden flip-flopped again and again until he finally decided he’d repeal the Hyde amendment, and you have taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal aliens.

Of course, Rep. Ilhan Omar, responding to a piece in Vox arguing that “immigrants” are “skipping” reproductive health care because they’re afraid of being deported, is making it known that access to abortion must be made available to undocumented Americans.

Tell us about it. Forget about the Democratic candidates having a debate centering only on climate change; how about a debate dedicated to legal American citizens?