This makes what we believe is the third post we’ve done on dogs and racism. Slate chief political correspondent Jamelle Bouie noticed that when he walked his dog, he’d pass white people who’d greet his dog and not speak to him. Further, a research paper written by a graduate student confirmed that “dogs are a tool of white supremacy and gentrification” and “white owners user their pets to socialize with other white owners while excluding minorities.”

Originally we were going to let this next hot take lie because it sounded a lot like an attempt at trolling and it was just a Twitter rando. However, the tweet’s been getting ratio’d all week, and the original poster has chosen to leave it up and interact with her critics. Hottest take of the week?

These must be some really, really old white people missing their slaves.

Like we said, at first it seemed like a masterful bit of trolling, but she’s serious, and she’s standing by her take.

She literally does have equestrian listed in her Twitter bio.

So she steals horses? We don’t get it.

And yet … there’s been a minor ongoing “controversy” on social media about President Trump not owning a dog:

OK, now we see the slavery connection.