You might have thought there’s nothing going on in Washington, D.C., besides President Trump and the freshman squad facing off over his tweets, which even some in the GOP are calling racist (not that it’s winning them any fans on the Left).

However, political twitter is full of people griping about how hot it is in D.C. today, and Ryan Maue, the meteorologist whose opinion we’ll give more credence than the person with the journalism degree and five-and-a-half years on the climate beat, says it could reach 100 degrees by the end of the week, and it’s only Monday.

So expect a lot of people in the nation’s capital to be running the air conditioning full-blast this week, despite the fact that it’s both sexist and a tool of the capitalist oppressor who has his white male finger on the thermostat.

Richard Harambe was good enough to put the whole mess into a graphic to explain it all:

Expect more hot takes about climate change being responsible all this week.