There was quite a surprise in the most recent poll that came out Thursday; depending on how you look at it, Andrew Yang managed to catch up to Beto O’Rourke, or O’Rourke managed to slip from his former perch in the top three to meet Yang down in the 2 percent basement. Either way, O’Rourke is burning out fast, and the debates didn’t do him any favors.

Keep in mind that O’Rourke told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that if elected president, not only would he not build the wall, he’d actually tear down the existing fencing between the U.S. and Mexico (something Kirsten “Me Too” Gillibrand said she could support) and he’d get rid of the citizenship test too. But tell us again how Democrats don’t support open borders.

We’re pretty sure O’Rourke is just riffing on the old “no person is illegal” trope favored by those who bristle at the term “illegal immigrant,” but who knows?

We get that O’Rourke will say anything to pander to illegals, but does he have any policy at all when it comes to the border crisis?

No wonder his dog is so sad all the time.