As Twitchy told you earlier, New York City mayor and 2020 presidential candidate without a chance Bill de Blasio hired on his son Dante as a paid policy analyst, and Dante accompanied his father to Iowa to help boost his chances, which currently hover around 0 percent.

De Blasio brought not only his son to Iowa but also the de Blasio cringe factor. We don’t know why, but someone had de Blasio sign their copy of The Clash’s “London Calling,” thereby ruining its chances of ever being a collector’s item.

Come on, now … Beto O’Rourke is the punk rock candidate; that’s his schtick. He even played in a punk band. You know de Blasio’s never heard a Clash record.

We’re calling the whole thing a botched setup by his campaign, because any real Clash fan would have brought the band’s triple-album followup, “Sandanista!”

But, “London Calling” does feature “Train in Vain,” which sounds a lot like “campaign in vain.”

Or Kamala Harris smoking pot in college and listening to Tupac … years before his debut album came out.