Virginia Gov. Ralph “Coonman” Northam must be back from his reconciliation tour, which he scheduled after yearbook photos surfaced that he accidentally apologized for before realizing it wasn’t him in blackface or a Klan uniform, although he had worn blackface at a dance contest one time.

Yes, he’s still in office, and he considers it “shameful and disappointing” that Republicans adjourned and went home, blowing off his special session to take immediate action to address “the gun violence emergency” plaguing Virginia.

He seems most upset that they didn’t take a vote, which makes us wonder if he’d be even more disappointed to learn they weren’t going to vote for gun confiscation.

Yes, but this was shameful. He was trying to save lives.

Nice to know that Moms Demand has swiped their new hashtag from Anonymous:

You’re dealing with a man just standing there? No wonder Starbucks asked those cops with their scary guns to leave.