If you recall, President Barack Obama went a little crazy with the commutations and pardons in the final days of his administration. By December 2016, he’d commuted the sentences of more than 1,100 prisoners — more than granted by the previous 15 presidents combined.

The Daily Caller reported that between nearly 80 percent of the commutations the president had given between August and December had been granted to cocaine and crack dealers and by our own count, more than 50 out of a batch of 214 prisoners given commutations in August 2016 had been arrested on felony gun possession in connection with the drug trade — so much for common sense gun control.

President Trump has worked with Kim Kardashian on sentencing reform, but he’s apparently not working quickly enough for Joe Biden, and neither is the ALCU. Biden’s promising to cut incarceration by more than 50 percent when elected president.

We know that Bernie Sanders wanted everyone — even the Boston Marathon bombers — to be able to vote from prison, so maybe we should nail Biden down on that issue as well.

Please let one of the CNN debate moderators ask each candidate by what percentage they intend to cut incarceration. It’ll be like an auction.