Back in June, at a fundraiser, Joe Biden reminisced about how he’d gotten things done in the Senate back in the day, even if it meant working with segregationist Democrats like James O. Eastland: “He never called me boy,” Biden recalled fondly.

Even before Kamala Harris got the chance to pound Biden at the debate over his remarks, Cory Booker called for Biden to apologize, saying he was “disappointed that [Biden] hasn’t issued an immediate apology for the pain his words are dredging up for many Americans.”

When a reporter brought up Booker’s concerns to Biden, he replied, “Apologize for what?” and going so far as to say that “Cory should apologize” to him.

Maybe it was the beating he took at the debate, but Biden on Saturday delivered on that apology, not to Booker personally but at another campaign event.

That’s quite the turnaround — Kamala Harris would be impressed by that flip-flop.

We’ll admit … he’s way worse than we ever expected. Whoever was propping him up and stifling his gaffes while he was vice president under Barack Obama must have been a very busy person.

It was a “mostly black” audience, and he’d already used the line about Mitt Romney “puttin’ y’all back in chains,” so he had to find a different way to pander.

You do understand that the misogynistic bigot who wants to keep America in the 1950s is Joe Biden, right? The dude had to come out with a video claiming that he’d learned his lesson about sniffing women’s hair and nuzzling their necks.

Maybe Biden ought to follow Harris’s lead if he can figure out her position: She’s come out and said she supports busing and believes the federal government has a role to play … but then a couple of days later she said it should be “considered,” not mandated.