Editor’s note: It looks like George accidentally deleted his posts, so we swapped in some screenshots. 

“Muffin Bear” is beloved and has quite a following on Twitter, but if you don’t know anything about her, you will pretty soon. It all kicks off with photographic proof that, yes, military hardware has been paraded through Washington, D.C., before. As we always say, we try not to single out random people on Twitter, but the guy’s ability with a shovel is unparalleled.

Guess he wasn’t satisfied with those answers.


Wait, he’s not done.

Political beliefs? It’s a photo of JFK’s military parade … but go after a disabled child if that makes you feel better.

Hey, Twitter’s on it with one of today’s featured Twitter Moments: “Some Americans feel uneasy with a military parade as the migrant crisis at the US border continues.”

No kidding.

And here’s the ultimate comeback for George: