As Twitchy reported, Joe Biden got the ball rolling on the second night of Democratic debates when MSNBC’s moderators asked candidates to raise their hands if they supported giving free health care to illegal immigrants. Every hand went up.

Evoking his tenure as mayor of Newark, N.J., Cory Booker told CNN that it’s just common sense — you wouldn’t want somebody with a communicable disease running around your city infecting people.

If you ask us, that’s a great reason to build a border wall; you don’t want people with communicable diseases just jumping the border and entering the country unscreened, although that seems to be what Democrats are aiming for.

All of the teary Jim Acostas out there tweeting “The New Colossus” in protest of the administration’s immigration policy might want to look into how immigrants were quarantined after arriving at Ellis Island, which they seem to remember as a turnstile than a port of entry.

Looks like we’ll have to keep guesstimating if they’re going to leave the citizenship question off the census.

Come for the abortion, stay for the free health care.

But wait, Booker isn’t yet finished pandering. While other members of Congress were touring migrant detention facilities (at risk of being shot by their Border Patrol tour guides), Booker was doing them one better and escorting illegals across the border.

Also, note that every illegal immigrant is now an asylum seeker — according to CNN, we were told they were just coming here to clean hotel toilets, pick lettuce, and do some day labor for Conan O’Brien. What happened to the narrative that they all just wanted to do the jobs Americans wouldn’t do?

* * *


Booker’s press secretary posted video of the whole event on Facebook and explained why it was done in secret:

Maybe that’s why they made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and crew leave their phones outside during their detention facility tour; not because they were planning on assassinating them, but for the asylum-seekers’ safety.

What disastrous impact? Maybe we saw the wrong Facebook video?