CNN released its most recent national poll Monday to see who got a bump from the Democratic debates, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is currently polling at less than 1 percent. (To be honest, she has a lot of company there in the basement.)

We would have thought that candid video of her very, very slowly sipping from a shot glass at a gay bar in Iowa would have given her a little boost, but apparently not. Maybe she’s taking a cue from Elizabeth “I’m gonna get me a beer” Warren and using alcohol to bond with the average Joe. What glamorous prize could you win by donating any amount to her joke of a campaign? The chance to share a glass of whiskey.

Don’t do it, men; it’s a trap.

In case you missed our earlier thread, here’s a video to give you some idea of what’s on the line:

So, do we donate a dollar and maybe get to drink a shot of whiskey with Gillibrand or should we just take Eric Swalwell’s advice and use it to buy half a bag of chips?