New York magazine contributing writer Jesse Singal, who writes a lot about gender and trans issues, removed the identifying information from the tweet to which he’s referring, so we’ll respect his wishes and leave it anonymous, although it takes only a 5-second search to find it. We’ll just say that the tweeter is an honorary professor of sociology at a university in Birmingham, England. Of course it’s a professor

We’re not sociology professors, but we’d agree: the sex binary was a thing long before the Enlightenment, not to mention before the advent of schools, advertisements, jobs … even human beings.

Heck, even the writers over at Teen Vogue know that science proves there is no binary, coherent thing called “biological sex” and the male-female gender binary is straight-up “bulls**t.”

Nah, you’re good.

Speaking of, Bernie Sanders’ senior policy adviser apparently took out at least $180,000 in loans to get her Ph.D. in sociology, so … gullibility makes sense.

Would anyone notice?