If you spend any time on Twitter — as you might guess, we do — one of the hot progressive talking points is that no one who isn’t doing something about the conditions in which unaccompanied migrant children are being housed (even just outrage-tweeting about it) has no right calling themselves pro-life.

Remember when blue-check author Sarah Tuttle-Singer asked what pro-lifers have done for low-income single mothers and sarcastically added, “I’ll wait”? She didn’t have to wait long before she was inundated with hundreds of responses.

So TV producer Andrew Kimmel (“The Bachelor,” “Minute to Win It”) thought he’d do the same, calling out pro-lifers to see what they were doing about overcrowding and understaffing at the border.

Well, he kind of does:

“You passed this to me in a backhanded way by responding to this thread.” Huh? You called him out, he responded.

And yes, we got Kimmel’s virtue signal loud and clear; he’ll be on the ground in El Paso. What good that will do we don’t know; maybe he’ll get some photos of himself crying at an empty parking lot?

Yeah, must be fake. Does he even know what the organization does?

So the pro-lifer built a website to promote charity opportunities and collect donations for groups such as Bottles to the Border. Kimmel’s original question was what pro-lifers had done about the border crisis, right?

Wow, what a generous answer after calling Greene’s answer “backhanded.” Again, who’s going to accomplish more for the children? Maybe have a word with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … she’s pro-choice, did her best to hold up $4.5 billion in emergency aid, and cheered on striking workers who stopped building beds for those kids. But she’s helping.

Pretty sure pro-choicers are allowed to donate at the site as well: