The Hill cut this clip of Rep. Ilhan Omar pretty short, so we’re not sure if she mentioned by name the xenophobic tyrant she will no longer allow terrorizing her constituents’ communities. We have a guess, though.

Honestly, we think it’s amazing that someone born in Somalia who spent four years in a refugee camp in Kenya could become a member of Congress. We also think it’s amazing that someone who experienced that could so casually use words like “tyrant” and “terror” when living safely in the United States, free to say whatever she wants (even anti-Semitic tropes) without repercussion.

Funny how someone opposed to tyrants and terror has broken from the U.S. and dozens of other countries to join Russian and Iran in their support of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

Sounds like good old TDS to us. Trump is terrorizing her community by lowering taxes and creating jobs?