The Resistance, who worshipped Robert Mueller when they were certain he’d find evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, were celebrating again when they learned that Mueller was being called in front of Congress to testify. Mueller has already said that the report is his testimony, but even then, the pro-impeachment crowd was thrilled that they might hear Mueller read from his own report — especially since so few Americans have read it.

Celebrities are leveraging their superpowers to make sure the public knows about the Mueller report. But don’t confuse this video with the one put together by propaganda outfit NowThis News starring Robert DeNiro, Martin Sheen, Steven King, Rob Reiner and more.

And also, this isn’t footage from the live stream of Mark Hamill, John Lithgow, Alyssa Milano, and others performing “The Investigation: A Search For The Truth in 10 Acts,” a “play” based on the Mueller report. The report that found no Russian collusion, that is.

No, this is an entirely different thing with an entirely different set of actors reading from the Mueller report. Watch as Debra Messing, Minnie Driver, Jon Cryer, and other megastars film themselves.

He’s got a point. Believe it or not, Hollywood doesn’t have a strong record when it winds its tendrils around politics (look at the Jon Ossoff loss for evidence of that).

Hollywood is full of emotionally mature people.