On Monday, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas posted an undercover video showing a Google executive arguing that the tech giant shouldn’t be broken up, because “smaller companies don’t have the resources” to “prevent the next Trump situation.” That video has disappeared from YouTube and on Wednesday vanished from Vimeo as well.

On Tuesday, O’Keefe posted a leaked document from Google that appeared to show a Google employee and member of Google’s “Transparency and Ethics” group calling conservative and libertarian commentators, including Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, “Nazis” and suggesting they be removed from YouTube’s “suggestion feature.”

YouTube, which is owned by Google, issued a tweet Tuesday night saying that it had received a lot of questions about political bias and wanted to clarify that it played no part in policy decisions, setting up the company for a massive ratio:

At least there’s Vimeo as an alternative, right?