Joe Biden made it clear the other day that he was not going to apologize to Cory Booker for bragging about his ability to work with segregationist senators back in the old days to get things done; not only that, he told a reporter “Cory should apologize” for asking for an apology.

Just as it was cool when Hillary Clinton declared former Klan leader Robert Byrd her mentor, it’s OK for liberals to like Sen. Fritz Hollings; you can tell because when the New York Times wrote his obituary earlier this year, they made sure to note in the headline that he was “a South Carolina senator who evolved.”

Biden doesn’t seem to give a damn about being associated with segregationalists, especially with old news clippings reporting on his opposition to busing making the rounds on social media.

That’s kind of handy how if you’re a Democrat you can call blacks “race mongrels” and literally join the KKK and then “evolve” and “reform.”

Could be.

We never said he didn’t evolve; it’s just so funny how a Democratic candidate for president can wax eloquent about working together with segregationalists in the old days, and yet liberals think MAGA means President Trump wants to move America backward.

If this is the past Trump wants to return the country to, why does Biden keep reminiscing about it? Of course, Biden too has been afforded the luxury of “evolving” on everything from segregated schools to the Hyde Amendment.