You might remember earlier this year when an “intersectionality fight” broke out in Britain between Muslim parents and the elementary school principal who was mandated to teach as part of the school’s curriculum something called “No Outsiders,” which aimed to celebrate difference and diversity — and teach children about the U.K.’s Equality Act 2010, which took previous anti-discrimination laws and brought them all under one umbrella.

So who won that fight? Muslim immigrants with socially conservative religious beliefs, or the school and its introduction to LGBT acceptance at the elementary level? As Twitchy reported, the Muslims threatened to pull all of their kids, some as young as 4, out of the school and prevailed in that showdown.

We bring that up only because whenever we see woke liberals go after the anti-LGBT crowd, they always demonize Christians like Vice President Mike Pence. But as more and more Muslims take office, America is going to be seeing more intersectionality fights of its own. Check out this headline:


And second, this council member is not a conservative Christian, so progressives are going to have to attack the Muslim faith for a change.

WCCO in Minnesota reports:

Gay advocates from Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party are presenting a resolution Sunday at the party’s convention in St. Paul asking for Kassim Busuri to resign. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports Busuri was appointed to represent Ward 6 in January.

Busuri says his Muslim faith does not support homosexuality and that criticizing his previous posts amounts to Islamophobia. He says he will represent all his constituents regardless of sexual orientation but won’t recant his past statements.

The posts came to light Wednesday after Busuri was the only council member not to support a resolution recognizing June as Pride Month.

It was easy for progressives to pitch a fit when the Trump administration denied embassies’ requests to fly the pride flag beneath the American flag (although they were free to put up banners and lights anywhere else). But are they willing to be accused of Islamophobia?

You’re lucky if you missed out on the woke corporate training explaining that America is no longer a “melting pot” but instead a “salad bowl,” where each ingredient retains its distinct flavor yet contributes to the whole. Guys … the melting pot worked. Besides, in the salad analogy, there’s no room to say you don’t like, say, black olives — you have to like them.

American media only ever puts Westernized Muslims who are pro-LGBT on TV anyway, so progressives who watch CNN probably don’t even know they’re in danger of being deemed Islamophobic if they put up a fuss over this.