Here’s some amazing news from the Cleveland Clinic, which is pretty timely, considering that birth defects like spina bifida have been invoked so often recently to defend late-term abortions, or even denying basic medical care to a child that was delivered despite an attempt to abort it.

The Cleveland Clinic reports in a press release:

Cleveland Clinic has successfully performed its first in utero fetal surgery to repair a spina bifida birth defect in a nearly 23-week-old fetus.

A multispecialty team of clinicians performed the surgery in February, and the baby, a girl, was later delivered by caesarean section near full term June 3, making it northern Ohio’s first surgery of its kind. Mother and daughter are doing well.

Spina bifida is a birth defect that is most often discovered during the routine anatomy scan typically performed when a fetus is around 18 weeks old.

Crazy how so many people would argue that the baby girl wasn’t a human being since she hadn’t been delivered yet; then again, there are more than a few “feminists” who consider a fetus nothing more than a parasite feeding off its host.

Screw them: this is awesome news.