Mashable seems pretty excited about the first educational transgender toy, so much so that they made a video about it. Can we say that the biggest mystery to us is why it took so many people, so many Post-it Notes, and so many whiteboard presentations to reinvent the Russian nesting doll?

“Sam” is the brainchild of Gender Creative Kids Canada and we wouldn’t be surprised if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau started handing them out as gifts on official state visits. (No kidding; when searching for a picture to go with this post, what popped up but Trudeau posing with “Sam.” Of course.)

Sam starts out as an infant girl in a pink onesie and soon transitions to a mustached construction worker and then to … a boy?


Did you not watch the video? It’s for 3-year-old kids.

This reminds us of the time Fisher-Price pledged to change both the packaging and audio chip of a Little People SUV after a woman complained on social media about the “clearly mom-looking figure” who, according to text on the packaging, had just declared it was “time for yoga and a smoothie.”

Get ready for more and more woke toys and kids’ TV shows.