MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is being a complete jerk today defending Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her claim that the Trump administration is operating “concentration camps” at the border. “If you spend a few minutes learning some actual history, you will find out that concentration camps are different from death camps,” he tweeted, compelling the Auschwitz Memorial Museum to invite him to follow them on Twitter and spend a few minutes learning some actual history himself. Because yes, AOC wasn’t comparing the detainment of illegal aliens to the Holocaust but to the Boer War. Yeah, that’s it.

But to be fair, Hayes has given us some thoughtful takes over the years, and he was dead on when he called it unseemly for Rolling Stone to ask on its cover why Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn’t be our president.

Note, too, how President Trump “is destroying the EPA.” But now Trudeau is looking at Trump and saying, “Hold my beer….”

On Monday, Canada’s House of Commons declared a “climate emergency.” And on Tuesday, Trudeau took to the lectern to announced the expansion of the “controversial” Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, and Canadians aren’t happy.

Hey, don’t look at us, we love pipelines.

Besides, this guy, whose title is too long for us to reproduce here, assures us all the profits will go toward green energy.

Yeah, right.

Dave’s right, you know.

Could this be the end for Trudeau, or is the just the “climate emergency” crowd making the most noise? In any case, it’s the first time we’ve had any respect for the guy in years.