You are of course aware by now that they’re such a thing as being an “influencer” and making money off of it. George Takei is one of those influencers; he built up a huge Twitter following by tweeting cute and witty things for years, and then TDS set in and his account’s never been the same.

We like the Democrats in that they’re consistent; they just keep thinking that pulling in celebrities like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham is really going to win over independents in the heartland. Why, Pete Buttigieg even managed to rope in Gwyneth Paltrow and Bradley Whitford to host a fundraiser during his swing through town, while poor Joe Biden can’t even score an endorsement from his BFF Alyssa Milano.

We’re guessing this is a Pride Month stunt, but the Democrats have handed over the keys to their Twitter feed to Takei Monday.

Here’s some of that Takei wisdom that makes watching “Star Trek” reruns so fulfilling.

We do wish that talking point about the military’s transgender ban would die; it might if people actually read about it.

But please, keep Takei on all week and make sure to get Lena Dunham on too — people love her.

Oh, get Jim Carrey next, and he can just post his grotesque paintings and give medical advice! Or Gwyneth Paltrow can show how DIY coffee enemas are the Democrats’ path to victory in 2020.