As Twitchy reported earlier, Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv shared that his acceptance to Harvard had been rescinded, allegedly due to his use of the n-word in texts when he was 16.

There’s been a whole lot of projection going on ever since; liberals like blue-check activist and filmmaker Adam Best are claiming right-wingers are “freaking out” while it’s progressives who are celebrating an intelligent young man having the welcome mat yanked out from under him after it was too late to apply to other universities.

“Progressive digital strategist” Elizabeth Spiers fell back on the default talking point that it was hypocritical Christians who always “mete out punishment endlessly for people who are not white, male, and straight” — “Christians” like Ben Shapiro and Chad Felix Greene, who’s as straight as they come.

Now Best has decided to turn up the thermostat on his Easy-Bake oven and produce this hot take:

Sorry, all we know about the Parkland shooting was what we learned from CNN’s town hall a week later. It was the NRA’s fault and (former) Sheriff Scott Israel and his deputies were heroes.

He also made the rounds of Capitol Hill to meet with any Congressman who’d give him the time, and even sat down in the Oval Office with President Trump and the first lady, which probably was another strike against him at Harvard. The kid was trying to show legislators his “ReachOut” app, which would allow students to provide each other with emotional support and help them recognize and report warning signs.

Who got more attention from the mainstream media? David “March for Our Lives” Hogg, who also blamed the NRA, “pathetic f**kers that want to keep killing our children.”

Bonus tweet to show just how very, very much Best cares for the victims of Parkland: