Joe Biden was on a roll in Iowa today. As Twitchy reported, he explained that under President Joe Biden, “we’re going to cure cancer.” So researchers have been holding back all this time just waiting for the right president? Why didn’t President Obama cure cancer when Biden was vice president, we wonder.

Curing cancer is a fine reason to vote for Biden, but he also gave a good reason to vote against President Trump: he’s “literally an existential threat to America.” And really — he almost did wipe out the population with tax cuts and a repeal of net neutrality rules. It’s lucky anyone’s still around to vote in 2020.

You’ve got it all wrong; Biden was the one who was going to take Trump behind the school gym and teach him some manners.

“Mr. Vice President, you said President Trump is ‘literally an existential threat.’ Could you explain exactly what you meant by that?”

We noticed they ditched the IJOWA banners that no one could decipher.

Deplorable? Say it, Joe.

* * *


We must have missed it, but Joe Biden also talked today about the need to be “a lot more civil in the way we engage one another.”