We had to give it up earlier to Rep. Doug Collins, who called out the House Judiciary Democrats are their stunt bringing out Watergate figure John Dean to testify on the Mueller report, but certainly not as a fact witness: “The ’70s called and wants its star witness back,” he zinged.

But now we have to give props to Rep. Matt Gaetz as well, who make it perfectly clear that Dean is anything but impartial and asked him exactly how many presidents he’s compared to Richard Nixon? It seems to be his thing with Republican administrations.

Dean really needs a new accountant if he doesn’t even know how much he gets paid for a CNN hit.

Poor dear, he’s been “dragged into it.” All he wanted to do was write books and do TV appearances and maybe provide Congressional testimony on occasion.

If they do, we’re certain he’ll claim the two aren’t comparable at all and nothing like Watergate. Worse than Watergate, yes, but he doesn’t get paid to say that.