Fox News is reporting that The New York Times will stop publishing political cartoons after the international edition of the paper took a lot of well-deserved flak in April for running a cartoon depicting a blind Donald Trump in a yarmulke being led around by a dog with Benjamin Netanyahu’s face. The Times deleted it, saying in a statement it included anti-Semitic tropes (duh), but if there was an apology in there, we didn’t see it.

So the solution is to just stop printing political cartoons? Patrick Chappatte weighs in:

Dang, we were hoping the Times would get around to running a political cartoon depicting Allah, but we guess we’ll never see that.

New York Times editorial page editor James Bennet told Fox News that the paper was considering removing political cartoons for “well over a year” and will no longer be printing them beyond July 1.

Yes, blame Trump — he practically runs The New York Times, you know.