Ever since Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was hit by a milkshake (a cowardly move slyly endorsed by Burger King on its Twitter feed), “milkshake” has become a verb, as in, Vox’s Carlos Maza says of far-right leaders, “Milkshake them all. Humiliate them at every turn.”

As Twitchy reported earlier, a Trump supporter was hit with a milkshake at an anti-Trump protest as the president visited the U.K. Tuesday. Keep an eye on the blond woman screaming in his face and then laughing.

British radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer noted that the woman had been identified, but she wasn’t going to name her:

Umm …


We weren’t going to name her, but it looks like she’s posted an apology:

That sounds … sincere?

It’s a lot more than we expected, frankly. Maybe the U.K. has a TDS injection that’s proved effective.