There’s probably little to no risk involved in Gucci’s decision to weave abortion rights into its collection of 2020 cruisewear, revealed at a fashion show at the Capitoline Museums in Rome Tuesday. Are pro-life women heavily into Gucci? If so, they might not want to be.

The Washington Times took a look at what Gucci presented Tuesday:

Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele has made a clear abortion rights message in his latest Cruise collection, as the debate over abortion heats up once again in the United States.

The collection, shown to a VIP crowd Tuesday evening in Rome’s Capitoline Museum, featured a purple jacket with the slogan “My Body, My Choice” on the back, and a sweater emblazoned with the date “May 22, 1978,” marking the day that abortion became legal in Italy. A belted gown was embroidered with a flowering uterus.

Michele said new restrictions on abortion in the United States “made me consider how much women should be highly respected.”

“Sometimes in life choices are difficult, but I believe that it is the most difficult decision for a woman. I respect that decision. I respect that decision as I respect the idea that the uterus is a garden,” Michele told reporters after the show.

We were told white men had no say in the abortion debate, but it’s odd for a pro-choice man to celebrate the uterus as a “garden” … does that make unplanned children are weeds that need to be pulled out by the roots?

If for no other reason, we wanted to present this story because Gucci taught us a new euphemism for abortion that we’d not heard before — “voluntary interruption of pregnancy.” We hate to break it to you, but abortion is more than an “interruption.”

Here are some of the standout pieces:

And here’s that uterus skirt you’ve been looking for at Target: