We doubt that the Twitchy audience is going to rush out and buy “The Orange Album” by The USA Singers, who claim they make America great again through their hilarious resistance music, so we don’t mind giving them the signal boost they were asking for when they posted this:

Newsflash: Tornadoes hitting the Midwest is nothing new — it’s called weather.

You heard him (or her) … let’s get this ratio started!

Listen, the Green New Deal will cost only $93 trillion over the next 10 years and then we won’t have tornadoes anymore — doesn’t that seem worth it?

Hey, The USA Singers are the climatologists here … you tell us.

See how they refer to everyone who disagrees with them “Ivan”? Because they’re all Russian bots, duh. Wonder if their whole album is that funny.

And now back to not knowing who The USA Singers are.