Remember back in January when Gillette made news with its ad taking a direct shot at “toxic masculinity” (like boys wrestling while their dads barbecue in the back yard)? The ad convinced Jill Filipovic that it was driving men into a semi-literate rage, and it brought tears to the eyes of former CNN host Reza Aslan.

Gillette must have liked the attention it got for being so woke, and so it upped the ante by posting a new ad to Facebook, this one featuring a father teaching his transgender son to shave. The tagline: “Whenever, wherever, however it happens – your first shave is special.”

So now the razor company has called for a new kind of masculinity and — finally — featured a trans man in its ads. Is it OK to stick with the old masculinity we picked up from our fathers or what that whole thing wiped out by the first spot?

Maybe in Gillette’s next ad for … whatever it is they’re trying to sell besides razors.