We don’t do a lot of monitoring of gay media, but every once in a while Chad Felix Greene will tweet something into our timelines that just goes to show how ideologically insular the LGBT community is. Bria is the creator of the trans webcomic “Life of Bria” and she’d love for you to “money her” through her Patreon account. But before you do that, take in a sample of what’s on offer:

Once again, a reminder that Barack Obama campaigned against same-sex marriage and had to “evolve” before lighting up the White House in rainbow colors and making the Stonewall Inn a National Monument.

And yeah, the concentration camp thing again. Guess it’s really important not to remove Trump from office or Mike Pence will make it happen.

It is.

And before you cite the military’s ban on transgender people, read this to make sure you know what you’re talking about. It’s hardly a “ban.”

Hard pass on the Patreon subscription.