As Twitchy reported earlier, a day after issuing a statement accusing President Trump of an unprecedented cover-up campaign, “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi let down Democrats across the country by saying “we’re not at that place” where it comes to impeachment. Instead, she suggested of Trump, “Maybe he wants to take a leave of absence, I don’t know.”

The TDS crowd (meaning the media) was not happy to hear Pelosi take impeachment off the table, but she did call on his family and friends to hold an intervention.

Let her rephrase that; she’s thinking about calling on Congress to intervene under Amendment 25, “Presidential Disability and Succession.” Man, she really likes to tease her base with this stuff.

“I’ll take it up with my caucus.” Lady, you don’t even have a caucus anymore; the House is a bunch of kids running wild.

They’d have to get Vice President Pence on board, so yeah, good luck.

They’ve been talking about it since the inauguration. They tried reversing the election before the inauguration by pressuring electors to flip. Anything to undo 2016.

They literally do. Just ask Rob Reiner, he’ll tell you all about it.