As we’ve said many times here, we really like Lindsey Graham 2.0, the one who emerged during the Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and brought the thunder that Cory “Spartacus” Booker thought he was calling down.

Graham has agreed and disagreed with President Trump, but he’s standing firmly with Attorney General William Barr regarding the Mueller report.

Jon Cooper, chairman of The Democratic Coalition, is upset that Graham is assisting with the obstruction of justice, and he’s calling on his followers to get #LindseyGrahamObstructed trending, which according to the Constitution means Graham has to surrender his Senate seat.

We just checked and it’s not on our list of United States trends, but maybe it had topped the list earlier in the day. Either way, good luck with the hashtag campaign, even though it looks like a hissy fit to us.

But this is The Democratic Coalition, so all of those are good things.

Boy, we sure hope Graham doesn’t see this hashtag and have a “hissy fit.”

* * *


According to The Hill, #LindseyGrahamResign turned out to be the winning hashtag: