As Twitchy reported in April, France declared that it would hold an international architects’ competition to rebuild the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral, which collapsed during the great fire that destroyed much of the historic cathedral, which the AP helpfully reminded us wasn’t just a tourist mecca but also “revered as a place of worship” by many.

We were all for the idea of rebuilding Notre Dame exactly as it stood, but as we feared, architects are now woke and would propose some really dumb ideas to bring the cathedral into modern times.

We honestly looked up the World Architecture Community to see if it was a parody account, but no, it’s real:

UMA stands for Ulf Mejergren Architects, a Stockholm-based architecture firm (why keep the project in-house when you could outsource it to Sweden?) and their concept “draws attention more to ‘publicness’ of the cathedral and a giant swimming pool spans the whole structure as ‘a new meditative space with unmatched views over Paris.'”

The rendering is nice, but we want to see the whole thing with beach balls and water slides before we make up our minds.