Lauren Duca lists herself as a freelance journalist, but we know her best from her work at Teen Vogue, as well as her 10-city “Stop Kavanaugh” tour and her New York University course on feminist journalism, which hopes to fight the idea that there should be “balance” in journalism, which compels journalists to look at the other, incorrect side of an issue as well as the correct, feminist, intersectional one.

Now she’s calling on the patriarchy to jump into her Twitter timeline and join in the fight against Georgia’s “fetal heartbeat” abortion law, which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called a “backdoor ban,” because that six-week-old fetus is nothing more than being two weeks late on your period.

Maybe Brian Sims can drive down from Pennsylvania and bully some old women outside of an abortion clinic. Or teen girls.

That’s just the toxic masculinity talking.

Oh, Alyssa Milano, you just got dissed.