On Tuesday night The New York Times published the figures it had obtained from President Trump’s Form 1040s from 1985 to 1994 and found that he’d lost a billion dollars over the course of a decade.

That led to a hot take from the Times about how Trump “was making himself the media’s go-to symbol” for wealth, though as we said Wednesday, we think the media had a part in that as well.

Steve Robinson laid the smackdown on the Times, however, by reminding them of their sale of The Boston Globe for $70 million, a 93 percent loss from its record-high price of $1.1 billion.

Now CNN’s Don Lemon is working the “Trump was a really lousy businessman” angle — they’ve got 24 hours a day to fill and no Russian collusion to report on anymore and not even a Michael Avenatii campaign to promote, so they had to find something.

First, we’re not sure what’s immoral or illegal about losing money, especially in real estate, when the numbers are routinely enormous, and second, we’re not sure CNN’s in any position to talk either.

Remember the time CNN founder Ted Turner lost $8 billion not over a decade but on a single bad deal: the merger of America Online and Time Warner.

The best part of the Guardian’s story: “CNN has not of late been a star in the AOL Time Warner portfolio and is losing viewers to Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.” Ha! That was from 2003 … good to see CNN’s turned things around like Trump managed to do and come out on top.

Again, we’re talking about a 10-year period during the real estate crash — which Trump wrote about in his books.

It’s all they’ve got unless they can get the Bill Barr contempt circus to stick.

“Cue ball of concern” Brian Stelter? This whole post was worth it just for that.

No, guys, this is what’s going to cost Trump the support of his base in 2020 … he’s finished. Good work, CNN — now back to work on those ratings.