GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe is uncomfortable with Meghan McCain’s “self-anointment” as a crusader against anti-Semitism. Ioffe is also the same writer who wrote the Washington Post holiday piece, “Please don’t wish me a Merry Christmas,” so we’re pretty sure she’s a “stay in your lane” kind of person when it comes to religion.

As Twitchy reported, McCain didn’t capitulate to late-night host Seth Meyers when he tried to defend Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements; “Are you her publicist?” she asked.

This didn’t sit well with Ioffe:

So she’s upset because a non-Jew is standing up against anti-Semitism?

We didn’t have to think very long why she couldn’t put her finger on why it made her so “deeply uncomfortable,” and neither did Ben Shapiro.

Noted: Don’t wish her Merry Christmas and don’t speak out about anti-Semitism if you’re not on the approved list.