Speaker Nancy Pelosi triggered The Resistance all the way back in March when she came out in The Washington Post opposing the impeachment of President Trump; “He’s just not worth it,” she argued. And for the most part, she’s stayed on the side of the Democratic Party that would rather focus on winning the 2020 election than undo the 2016 election, and that’s a nasty split in the party.

As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, Pelosi announced that “we cannot accept a second term for Donald Trump,” but again, she was focused on defeating him at the polls. But maybe Trump’s victory laps over the Mueller report are finally getting to Pelosi, who has accused Trump of goading the Democrats into impeaching him.

Maybe before taking any further steps, nail down exactly for what you’re impeaching him. And then realize the Republican-controlled Senate would have to pull the trigger.

Just an aside here: a Gallup poll released Monday showed that President Trump is at his highest approval rating ever; maybe take that into consideration before giving him what he wants: a show trial that’ll last right up until the 2020 election.

Sorry, Nancy, but if you want to solidify your base, you’re going to need to toss some red meat to the Resistance mob.

Sure, add impeachment to implementing socialism, legalizing infanticide, and raising taxes. Nice dumpster fire you’ve got there.