OK, we’ll confess that our headline doesn’t fully capture the context of The Cut’s report, but the New York magazine imprint seems pretty certain that not only would your life be better under Elizabeth Warren’s student loan forgiveness plan, but that you can quantify it thanks to a calculator on Warren’s campaign site.

Quick question: Does this calculator work retroactively, if you’ve already paid off the student loans you took out voluntarily to attend college?

So college kids who owe on their student loans can — what? — plug in how much they still owe and then the calculator erases it? That’s ingenious.

Imagine how many more students could afford to attend Harvard if people like Elizabeth Warren weren’t cashing $430,000 paychecks.

This is Warren’s Twitter account, so it’s scary how many of her followers think this is a great idea, because 1) just because previous generations “suffered” by paying back their loans doesn’t mean the situation shouldn’t improve for the current generation, and 2) imagine how much the economy will be stimulated by students who suddenly don’t have to pay their loans back anymore!

We’re not for universal free college, but you might be able to talk us into one free semester of economics for every 20-something out there.