You might notice that, like the president, we pretty much skipped the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year … journalists are so self-absorbed and, like Jim Acosta, borderline paranoid these days we knew we wouldn’t miss much except for some reporters patting themselves on the back for working in such dangerous environments as … the Rose Garden and the White House briefing room.

We were also going to skip the 2019 Met Gala, at which celebrities arrive wearing really, really horrible outfits to match the night’s theme: camp. What they mean by “camp” we’re not sure, seeing as Jared Leto walked the carpet carrying his own head.

Harry Styles of One Direction and “Dunkirk” managed to confuse us with this half-dress, half-pantsuit combo.

But what really made us laugh was this tweet from Affinity magazine, “written by teens for teens.” Whichever teen was operating the Twitter account Monday night didn’t have a very high tolerance for Hillary Clinton campaign stalwart Lena Dunham.

OK, she’s wearing elbow-length black rubber gloves and a pink dress (?) featuring black rubber gloves grabbing her boobs above the text, “RUBBERIST.”

“Lean Dunham has arrived and we’re hoping she leaves soon” — there’s hope for the younger generation after all.

Nailed it:

Hillary made a great choice when she put together her celebrity street team.

* * *


And here’s Hillary Clinton’s other celebrity campaign surrogate, Katy Perry, who must have misread the night’s theme as “lamp.”