Last we checked in on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, he was being quoted almost verbatim by President Trump at a rally, which made liberal reporters’ heads explode, screaming that what Trump was saying about doctors executing babies after they were delivered was a complete and total fabrication.

When we checked on him before that, he’s started (and possibly ended) his “reconciliation tour,” during which he visited a historically black college to atone for apparently not wearing blackface or a Klan outfit in a yearbook photo, which gave his nickname as “Coonman.”

National Review’s Jim Geraghty noted Wednesday that it’s been three months since the Northam scandals — the infanticide comments and the yearbook photos — hit. It doesn’t look like resignation is in his future.

Yeah, he’d already made the national news for that comment; the yearbook was just icing on the cake.

It’s true … we almost got a demonstration of his award-winning moonwalk, which he’d done in blackface as Michael Jackson at a dance contest.

Yeah, even #MeToo champion Alyssa Milano is running interference for gropin’ Joe Biden.