The big story today seems to be the uprising in Venezuela against the Maduro regime, so you’d think CNN’s Brooke Baldwin might have asked 2020 presidential contender and socialist Bernie Sanders for some perspective on what’s going on there. After all, as late as February, Sanders made it clear that he still backed Nicolas Maduro as the leader of Venezuela, joining the governments of Russia and Iran:

And why wouldn’t Sanders support Maduro; back in 2016, when Sanders was still running against Hillary Clinton for the nomination, Maduro praised Sanders’ “revolutionary message” to a crowd gathered for “Anti-Imperialism Day.”

So again, it seems a bit of a wasted opportunity not to get some insight from Sanders on the biggest news of the day.

Sanders has made it clear that when he’s talking about his brand of democratic socialism, he’s looking at countries like Denmark and Sweden, not Venezuela or Cuba. You see, they’re just not doing socialism right. So even in that case, it was a wasted opportunity for Sanders to educate Americans on the wonders of true democratic socialism.