This tweet is actually a few days old, put up after Joe Biden had officially announced his run for president, but it handily puts all 20 Democratic candidates in one graphic so we can finally name the one or two we’d never heard of before.

Honest question: are there only 20? It seems like it should be more. Well, actually, it should be a lot fewer: remove the 14 or so who are currently polling at 0 percent support according to Monmouth University and the field gets considerably smaller.

Whether you support Trump or you don’t, the truth of the matter is that he came from nowhere and steamrolled 16 other Republicans seeking the nomination, so this should get interesting. Anyway, here they are:

Is it just us, or is that graphic hilarious?

Jay Inslee’s already slamming Beto O’Rourke for his climate plan, which extends past the end of the world.